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The Highs and Lows of Greek Life

Greek membership is not for everyone, but it does have its merits. Refer to this list of Greek-life highs and lows to help you decide what kind of pledge you’ll make to your college years.

Leftover? More like Aged to Perfection

Leftovers…This term is one that many see and loath. However, there are some foods that just taste better the next day, or heck, even two days later.

Buying Their Vote – The Art of Election Merchandise

As candidates look for low cost ways to spread the message and turn their followers into ambassadors, promotional merchandise has become a tent pole of their marketing strategy. You collect donations and your supporters spread your message, win/win. How do you determine what products to offer for your campaign?

Early Bird Gets the Best Calendar… and Much More

We see it happen every year. People line up in December or January to order custom wholesale calendars, and inevitably they find themselves sifting through depleted inventory for a mediocre stock design.

Fall Festivals: The Best Way to Spend Your Weekends this Fall

In celebration of all things autumn, I’ve put together a list of some of the best Fall Festivals around the country.

Amazing Designs for your Next Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Don’t know what design to use on merchandise for your next breast cancer fundraiser? InkHead has you covered. We put together a few designs just for you, they will work great on t-shirts, hand fans, blankets, and caps.

Marketing Your Non-Profit On a Budget

There are a few proven and cost effective strategies that can help nonprofit organizations develop brand recognition, increase their marketing reach, and manage their brands more effectively.

Choosing the Right Promotional Products for School Organizations

Learn how to choose promotional products for your school organization. Attract the right people, stay within budget and accomplish your organization’s goals.

Marketing Your Hotel or Resort: It’s About the Next Guest

Hotel and resort marketing efforts shouldn’t be focused on the guests who have already checked in, but instead, on those travelers who are still deciding where to stay.

20 More Family Reunion T-Shirt Sayings

When it comes to family reunions, if there isn’t a shirt then it didn’t really happen.

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