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InkHead Updates Apparel Category


Cleaning Out the Closet

As I mentioned last week, I recently moved into a new apartment, and it is difficult for me to feel properly settled until everything has been put in its place. This past weekend, I edged closer to that feeling of satiety and stasis, however. Just about every box is unpacked and every room arranged, but my closet is still a mess. It’s all too easy to stuff things in the closet and just forget about them, isn’t it?

Overflowing Closet

Image courtesy of Romain Laurent.

In an effort to fight something that I’ve come to call “pack-ratitis,” I try to clean out my closets every other season—discarding any broken items and donating whatever else I don’t want—so as to prevent excessive stockpiling in my sideboards. Not only does this activity keep my gross number of belongings at manageable levels, it also augments my sense of organization, for as I clean out all of my wardrobes and cubbyholes, I also take a moment to sort and collate my items into more useful categories and classes. This makes it easier for me to locate that one thing I need to get out of the closet at some point in the future.

InkHead Updates Apparel Category

Women's Customized Dress Shirts

Check out our new Women's Apparel Categories!

Recently, the site engineers here at InkHead actually did something similar with the Custom Apparel product category in the InkHead catalog. They reorganized the sub-categories, adding new ones, and renaming some of the old ones, so that they are more meaningful.

For instance, you can now find Customized Embroidered Sweatshirts and Personalized Promotional Sweatpants in the same category. Before, sweatpants were in the Custom Pants category and sweatshirts were placed in our Custom Embroidered Sweaters category, which has now been renamed to Sweaters & Cardigans.

We also made a new sub-category for Corporate Dress Shirts, separate from the Custom Logo Polo Shirts category, which is where these products would have been placed previously. In addition, we have created a new sub-category for women’s and youth shirts in several of the apparel categories, making it even easier to locate the appropriate promotional product for your next marketing campaign.

Finally, we overhauled the Promotional Hats category, creating a new sub-category for Customized Beanies and placing most of the Custom Caps we offer into a single group. This will enable our customers to find the hats they want more easily, and that’s what’s most important to us: making ordering promotional products as quick and as painless a process as possible.

The Bottom Line

The recent re-organization of InkHead’s Promotional Apparel category is just the latest step that we here at InkHead have taken to make our website even easier to use and more user-friendly. We hope that it helps you in finding the item you want, but if you have trouble locating one suitable for you, please don’t hesitate to phone us at 877.554.0127 or use the Live Chat feature on the right-hand side of the screen. With this latest upgrade to the Imprinted Apparel category, hopefully spring cleaning won’t be so bad this year!

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