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13 Anti-Smoking Slogans for the Great American Smokeout

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November 15 will find The American Cancer Society marking its 37th Great American Smokeout. The date is set to help smokers fix on an established quit day, so they can either go cold turkey or lessen their tobacco and nicotine use over the course of a few weeks or months up to the middle of November. In fact, The American Cancer Society feels like it’s a success even if smokers quit just for that one day! 24 hours may not seem like much, but it’s a start – and many of those smokers may go on to take the leap next year or month!

With tobacco remaining one of the U.S.’s most significant and preventable cause of terminal illness and death, it’s more imperative than ever that the 45 million Americans still using cigarettes quit. If you’re looking for a way to get your promotional items to help people quit – from custom pens to promotional apparel – you’ll want to consider some of these awesome anti-smoking slogans compiled from, and Consider which of these prime slogans might fit best on your personalized products.

13 Can’t-Miss Anti-Smoking Slogans

  1. Be smart. Don’t start.
  2. Cigarettes burn holes in your pocket.
  3. Smoking is like paying someone to kill you. They’re rich; you’re dead.
  4. Everyone has the right to clean air.
  5. Cancer cures smoking.
  6. Kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray.
  7. Tobacco companies kill their best customers.
  8. Put it out before it puts you out.
  9. Tar the roads, not your lungs.
  10. Breath healthily, live happily.
  11. I don’t dig your cig.
  12. If you can’t stop smoking, cancer will.
  13. Tobacco: the day- and night-time, cancer causing, throat clogging, pollutant drug, to help you look uglier the next morning… medicine.

Slogans aren’t the only way to get your message across though. Many of the most successful anti-smoking campaigns have utilized iconic graphics and visuals to get their message across. Consider how some striking designs might look on a custom coffee mug or promotional tote bags! Also, remember that one of the best ways to reduce smoking among the population is through education and prevention. Slogans don’t have to be aimed at getting people to quit, but instead can be used to discourage their ever starting! You may want to also consider including URL addresses to sites like, or other online resources geared to help smokers quit. You’re not just spreading awareness, you’re saving lives.

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