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10 Products to Celebrate American Red Cross Month this March

Here are 10 products to show your support for American Red Cross Month this March.

Here are 10 products to show your support for American Red Cross Month this March.

What is American Red Cross Month?

In 2012, President Barack Obama officially signed off on making March the official American Red Cross Month. The president noted that the compassion and generosity of the American Red Cross had been evident over its more than 130 years of service, providing humanitarian relief to those most in need, both within the United States and far outside its borders.

The Red Cross itself was founded by Clara Barton in 1881. Barton wished to establish an organization to protect those injured by war and disaster, and led the Red Cross during 23 years of domestic and foreign disaster relief, through the Spanish-American War and various peacetime projects that shaped the face of current disaster relief networks throughout the world.

In honor of American Red Cross Month, citizens are encouraged to celebrate and support the work of the Red Cross as well as other relief and service organizations. It’s also an ideal time for you and your company to show your outstanding support for the humanitarians at the American Red Cross by investing in a variety of promotional materials, showing your pride in the institution. Encourage your employees, students, local clientele or event attendees to celebrate American Red Cross Month with these fantastic promotional products.

10 Products to Celebrate American Red Cross Month

  1. Magnets: If you’re in local or state government, there are probably a few American Red Cross celebrations you have planned or will be planning for March. As far as great giveaway ideas go, you can’t go wrong with custom magnets.
  2. Bumper stickers: Just as with magnets, personalized bumper stickers make for a great handout. They can help Red Cross supporters show their pride anywhere they drive!
  3. Tote bags: Supportive promotional tote bags are a great option as well. Considering how ubiquitous tote bags have become in grocery stores, these are sure to be a big hit with environmentally conscious folks.
  4. Red Cross support T-shirts: For just about anyone, from schools to universities to private corporations, there’s no better way to show support for the Red Cross’s more than a century of excellent than via a few well-made personalized T-shirts. Choose from a variety of respected brands!
  5. Coffee mugs: There’s no doubt that the folks at American Red Cross are real life-savers, but sometimes that’s exactly what your morning coffee feels like as well! Custom coffee mugs are a great way for small businesses like cafes and coffee shops to show their support!
  6. Notepads: Looking to make a concerted effort to go for a Red Cross theme all month in your office? Ordering promotional notepads is one way to go.
  7. Writing utensils: Although, what’s a notepad without a promotional pen to go along with it? Get these writing utensils inscribed with whatever supportive message you prefer.
  8. “Give Blood” T-shirts: Speaking of supportive messages, there’s one particular one that the Red Cross is trying to get across year-round: “Give Blood.” Designing a few personalized T-shirts bearing this message is sure to get potential donors up and ready to help.
  9. Sweatshirts: Looking for apparel alternatives? Just place your preferred American Red Cross Month message across a custom sweatshirt instead! These make for great giveaway items and local business handouts.
  10. Buttons: When it comes down to it, support is still best shown through a button. Show your Red Cross pride by ordering a batch of these bearing that iconic symbol that’s brought safety and relief to so many people around the world.

Do Your Part During This American Red Cross Month

Make sure this March is a memorable month and help promote the American Red Cross’s message of humanitarian aid, one button or T-shirt at a time!

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