Heads Up! Aerial Advertising vs. Promotional Products

Aerial Advertising

Look! Up in the sky! It’s not a bird, it’s a plane advertising!

Not long ago, as I was stepping out of InkHead Promotional Products offices,  I heard the faint putter of a low-flying prop plane overhead. My eyes turned to the sky, and I saw a plane making a slow circle over downtown Winder, GA while towing behind it a large banner emblazoned with the Great Clips logo. Three thoughts hit me at once:

  1. The sight of aerial advertising was peculiar, given the time of day and location.
  2. The banner bore no message, just the Great Clips logo.
  3. I remembered that I needed a haircut (not that I have much to cut!)

How Effective is Aerial Advertising?

The plane and its banner were a smart idea. The plane was an attention-grabber that naturally drew the eye upward to the logo banner sailing through the big, beautiful azure imprint area of the sky. Even in sleepy Winder, Georgia, the Great Clips aerial advertising promotion must have netted thousands of impressions. In turn, that means that at least a few hundred people would have made the connection that I did: their thoughts turning abruptly to the state of their hair, what may have been a vague agendum in the backs of their minds immediately turned into an impulse to be satisfied as soon as possible…most likely at Great Clips.

Promotional Products: Cheaper than a Plane

Impression-based marketing works like gangbusters, and while it’s cost-prohibitive for most of us to go out and hire a plane to drag our logos through the air for a few hours, it’s relatively inexpensive to put your logo or brand out there with high-visibility promotional products like the ones available here at InkHead. The idea is to have your brand seen by as many people as possible, as often as possible, and build loyalty to your company by providing your customers and potential customers with a giveaway they’ll use repeatedly.

According to a 2010 survey conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), a research organization serving the promotional products industry, these are the top five promotional item categories in terms of average number of impressions per month:

You’ll note that the items in every one of these categories contains items that are not just seen but used daily, and all are either visible at eye level or within reach on a desk, which are the keys to their success as promotional items.

The Bottom Line

Every impression is a potential sale for your business, a profitable partnership, or publicity for your cause, at an average ROI of fractions of a cent per impression. Come check out these items and much more at our website, or one of our Promotions Specialists to help you create your own heads-up promotions. With InkHead Promotional Products, you don’t need a plane to make your campaigns soar!

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