Advertising Best Practices: Top 10 places to leave a promotional pen

Best Practices for Advertising: Top 10 places to leave your promotional pens

Top 10 places to leave your promotional pens

Some of the best advertising best practices aren’t things you normally think of when you think about advertising, like pens. Everyone knows that personalized pens are one of the best promotional item investments a company, charity, local shop or even band can make! They’re small, great to purchase in bulk and tend to travel far. Not to mention, pens are especially useful. Just think how often you find yourself without one when you need it most!

But once you invest in an order of quality promotional pens to help spread your brand name, where should you put them? What kind of locations will help them travel further fastest? Consider these 10 locales, from pockets to local businesses.

Advertising Best Practices: 10 Places to Leave a Logo Pen

  1. Your employees’ pockets: First thing’s first, make sure each of your employees has plenty of pens for their own use as well as to hand out – think of these custom writing instruments as multi-functional business cards!
  2. Your customers’ pockets: Think of banks leave pens out by the deposit slips – most of us use one and pocket the pen out of habit. Leaving pens out in the open is useful for both the person in need of one and the company whose name they bear.
  3. Local coffee shops: Most local coffee shops have a corner where other businesses, artists, writers or freelancers can leave their information. Why not bring in a custom coffee mug from your company and fill it with personalized pens?
  4. Library: Much like the coffee shop, libraries are spots where people often find themselves in need of pens. After all, folks rarely just sit and read at the library – there’s usually a lot of note taking going on. If your company is looking to draw the attention of students and college-aged kids, the library is an especially great place to leave a pen or five.
  5. Local restaurants: Local restaurants often do the same as the coffee shops and libraries, helping to build a stronger community, economically and socially. Also offer to furnish wait staff with free pens for customer bills.
  6. Other local businesses: From dry cleaners to pet shops to any gyms or hardware stores, there’s no harm in offering a few personalized pens here or there. You’ll find plenty of small-time shops sharing your interests for expanding business.
  7. Trade shows: Of course, you’ll want to include at least several pens and maybe a few other trade show giveaways as part of your press kit at trade shows. While other items in the kit – think business cards, media info, testimonials and maybe even a few more promotional items – are guaranteed to draw positive attention, a few pens, pencils and highlighters will be the most useful and long-lasting.
  8. Client meetings: Whether it’s a closing for a law firm or just doing lunch to help maintain communications with a few great clients, be sure to have pens on hand to offer around.
  9. Special events: If you’re hosting a charity event, fundraiser or promotional giveaway, be sure you’ve got plenty of pens in stock to share with attendees. While other products bearing the company logo, like hats, T-shirts, computer bags and various paraphernalia might draw more attention, no one’s going to turn down a free pen! These will go over big and help your brand spread far.
  10. ATM machines: Take a moment to consider where you most often need a pen and can’t find one around. Chances are, the ATM is where you mind leaps. When depositing a check, you’ve got to sign it first and how many of us have been without a pen at this key moment? Stop by nearby bank-affiliated ATMS – stick to those outside the banks themselves or right inside the doors – and leave a few of your promotional pens sitting nearby.

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