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Adding Work Habits to Your New Year’s Resolution


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Maybe you’ve already made, and broken your New Year’s Resolutions.  It’s still January, so even if you caved to a cookie, a cigarette, an entire cake, or never got off the couch, there’s still time.  We won’t tell anyone if it takes the whole month to work the kinks out of those resolutions.  Maybe NEVER eating a cookie again was too strict, perhaps one cookie or less per day is a more manageable resolution.  Whatever you decide, don’t limit your resolutions to your health and your home.  Consider the ways you want to improve in the office.  Can you be a better co-worker? Are you the best employee, or boss, that you can possibly be?  We at InkHead did some serious navel gazing and decided to share our office resolutions with you – don’t judge us, we’re working on it.

“I resolve to keep my inbox messages down to 1 screen worth.” – Megan, Office Administrator

“I would like to increase my sales by 25%” – Jen, Senior Account Manager

“Focus – if you chase two rabbits both will escape!” – Jim, VP of Sales

“Not to sweat the small things in life (or business)!” – Eric, Account Manager & International Playboy, err International Sales

“Increase sales by at least 60%. Think outside of the box for client solutions/ideas. Brainstorm large-scale projects with my co-workers” – Laura, Senior Account Manager

“Not letting someone else’s bad day effect my mood. Stop taking things too personally.*Keep it simple!  Stop over thinking things. ” – Tamara, Sales Administrator

“Dominate the World, well, at least the social media/email/SEO world…” – The Marketing Department. We’re already working on teamwork.

Try asking your team about their resolutions.  Writing them down or saying them out loud can reinforce them in everyone’s minds and may give others ideas about where they can improve.  Just the process of writing this article made me realize the brilliance of Megan’s resolution.  Here’s hoping you can work out the best resolutions by the end of January and keep them till the end of December!


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