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8 of Our Favorite Ways to Use Wholesale Coffee Mugs

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Top 8 uses for wholesale coffee mugs

Here are 8 of the top uses for wholesale coffee mugs.

If coffee’s not what makes the world go ’round, it at least keeps it spinning at a regular pace. So just think how lost we’d be without our favorite coffee mugs! Even tea devotees have to admit, a handsome mug is a thing of beauty. That’s probably why one of Inkhead’s top selling promotional products continues to be custom coffee mugs. Tempted to place an order but don’t know what you’d do with all that drinkware? No worries – consider our top eight ideas for building your brand one cup of brew at a time.

8 Ways to Use Wholesale Coffee Mugs

    1. Treat your faculty and staff: It’s a well-known fact that college students thrive on coffee, but if there’s one demographic that needs a cup of coffee even more than the kids do, it’s the teachers. Whether you’re leading an elementary, middle or high school, you can be sure that your staff and faculty will appreciate a stylish mug or some other education promotional product for their morning perk.
    2. Include them as press kit bonuses: Small or large companies who want to get ahead in the industry know that trade shows are a must. But before you head off to one, make sure you’ve assembled a solid press kit containing all the information your potential clients might need. This often includes a variety of promotional items as well, and if you want to include a fun press kit bonus, a free personalized coffee mug is sure to win over attendees.
    3. Hand mugs out at a sponsored event: Many organizations and corporations occasionally sponsor sporting events or parties, especially in their local community. Whether you’re helping to foot the bill for a nearby 5K road race or a holiday soiree, handing out custom coffee mugs as an item giveaway is a great way to advertise.
    4. Use them as part of a charity prize: Hosting a charity event in the near future? Whether solo or as part of a gift basket, your personalized coffee mugs are a sweet deal for bidders to spend on. You’re sure to draw good PR for both generosity and stylish drinkware.
    5. Build team pride: Offices are complex places where camaraderie can often dictate how well a team works together. Help a section of your staff build some spirit with a batch of personalized mugs.
    6. Say “Thanks!” to your customers: Without loyal customers, there’d be no business. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to say “Thanks for everything!” and improve customer service, a few custom coffee mugs might be it. Your mugs are sure to find a place of honor on your client’s desks.
    7. Furnish your coffee shop or restaurant: Whether you’re a major chain or just a small, mom-and-pop operation – owning a restaurant or coffee shop can be a rewarding experience. Even if you’re just starting out, building your brand and furnishing your restaurant with mugs is a great first step.
    8. Encourage green thinking: Although April 22 is our nation’s official Earth Day, there’s never a bad time to start thinking eco-friendly. If you’re looking for a year-round solution to the wasted paper coffee cups that get thrown out on a daily basis, Inkhead has the solution. Not only will a batch of wholesale coffee mugs fix your waste problem and turn you into a more sustainable company, it’ll be doing so in style. Your employees can rep green thinking as they proudly sport your company brand.

How do you use wholesale coffee mugs?

These are our top eight tips, but there are plenty of ideas left out there and we want to know them all. Let us know what you’d do with a bunch of fantastic custom coffee mugs!

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