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50 Team Names for Breast Cancer Awareness Walks

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50 Team Names For Breast

Each year, millions of people lace up in support of breast cancer awareness. Participants honor cancer survivors and loved ones at hundreds of walking and running events across the country, raising millions of dollars for research.

If you’ve never attended a walk for breast cancer, you’re in for a hoot. Each participant proudly dons a custom t-shirt with their team name. Often, participants set aside modesty in favor of racy humor when picking a name—a welcome dose of levity for an understandably emotional atmosphere. The results can be outright hilarious and double the fun.

If you’re looking for a team name, here’s a list to get you started. Below, we round out our previous list of 50 Breast Cancer Awareness Slogans with 50 team name suggestions.

Breast Cancer Awareness Team Names (pass them on!)


  • Walkers for Knockers
  • Joggers for Jugs
  • Hoofin’ for Hooters
  • Trekkers for Tatas
  • Tata Trotters
  • Runners for Racks
  • Marchers for Mammaries
  • Scooters for Hooters
  • Boobie Brigade
  • Breast Friends
  • Bosom Buddies
  • Rack Racers
  • Treasured Chests
  • The Boobie Bunch
  • Cross Country for Cleavage
  • Breastie Besties
  • Movers and Shakers
  • Tenacious Double-Ds
  • Trudgers for the Twins
  • Boob Patrol
  • Main Squeezers
  • Hakuna Ma Tatas
  • Gallopers for Girl Parts
  • Flyers for Fun Bags
  • ChemoSabes
  • The Rack Pack
  • Helpers for High Beams
  • The Jolly Jigglers
  • Areola Borealis
  • Milkmaids
  • The Chest Nuts
  • Hikers for Hooters
  • Double Timers
  • Breast Intentions
  • Touring Jug Band
  • The Can Clappers
  • Juggernauts
  • Tig Bitties
  • Sweating for Sweater Puppies
  • The Mammo-Grammies
  • The Grand Tetons
  • The Bouncing Betties
  • Mountains and Molehills
  • Bra Stuffer Brigade
  • The Strap Stretchers
  • Chesticle Champs
  • The Lovely Lady Lumps
  • Busty Movers
  • The Golden Globes
  • Jog Bra Jezebels


Which one is your favorite? If you’ve got an idea for a team name, share it in the comments!

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