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5 Ways to Thank Your Community this Thanksgiving


Here are 5 ways to show your thanks to the community.

As everyone knows, Thanksgiving is a time for family. But one of the most important things about this holiday is reconsidering what we mean by that word. Family doesn’t just refer to the people you go home to every evening. We often consider friends as family, and of course we each have a small family of coworkers in our offices and places of employment. And then there’s the family at large – your community. From neighbors to local businesses, thanking your community this holiday season is a great way to show your appreciation and support. Consider these five options.

5 Ways to Thank Your Community this Thanksgiving

  1. Give other local businesses a food gift. If there’s one thing that joins us all together – especially around Thanksgiving – it’s a love of food. Good food is one of life’s pleasures, so share a few savory and sweet snacks with local businesses. Cookies, gourmet chocolate, delicious nuts and to-die-for caramel popcorn.
  2. Sponsor an event at your business for community kids. One great way to thank the community is by sponsoring an event for its children. Whether it’s a flag football tournament, trip to a local nature preserve, educational event or just a fun party thrown at your local place of business, a few personalized banners will help decorate the event nicely.
  3. Host a fundraiser. Every community has a project it’s trying to get off the ground, whether it’s new benches for the town green or a bunch of new trees in the local park. Big or small, new rec center or historic home renovation, you can help by hosting a fundraiser. Personalized pens and other promotional items can help you spread your brand name while giving back to the community.
  4. Organize a farmers market. Could there be a better time than the days before Thanksgiving to organize a farmers market? Go locavore to help out nearby farmers sell off the freshest crops from the end of their harvest season. Why not hand out free promotional tote bags for community members to keep their produce in?
  5. Contribute to a local park. With town budgets being cut, some of the first locales to feel the money loss is the parks and rec department. Why not give a local park near your business a pick-me-up – install a playground area for kids, commission a sculpture from a local artist or plant a slew of beautiful trees. During the unveiling event, be sure to hand out promotional products to help get your brand out there.

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