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5 Super Bowl party games for a super event

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Super Bowl Party Games

5 super bowl party games for your next event

Our collection of fun and challenging Super Bowl-centric games to add a touch of friendly competition to your celebration. Perfect for party fans of all ages, these Super Bowl games will bring out the competitor in everyone–while bringing everyone together in the spirit of the season.

The Pregame Pick-up Game

This is the classic way to kick off your Super Bowl party that encourages partiers to get up and get active. A good front yard football game works up everyone’s appetite for the culinary festivities.

  • Separate guests into teams, get creative with team names
  • Mark off the field, and set the rules for game length
  • Mix up the teams for variety: By age and gender, ideally
  • Those that don’t play can spectate or cheer
  • Prizes for the winners

THINK INK! Make sure to have everyone dressed appropriately for the climate. Cold weather requires plenty of insulated layers–and we have custom cold-weather apparel to fit the occasion.

Random ‘You-Pick-Em’ Games

Everybody loves taking a shot in the dark and picking the winner. These games can be based on the game itself, or any one of a number of the following.

  • Who will win the game? The first half? The second half?
  • Who will be the Most Valuable Player (MVP)?
  • Which player will score the most points? Touchdown runs? Touchdown catches?
  • Which team will have the most turnovers? Interceptions? Fumble recoveries?
  • How many total yards will one team accumulate? Both teams?
  • What will be the final score? Will there be overtime?
  • Will the singer of the national anthem perform live or lip sync?
  • Which commercial is the best?
  • Prizes for the winners

THINK INK! Instead of putting money on the line, select a variety of football-inspired prizes to fit the occasion–think local sports bar gift certificates, team apparel, or goodie bags filled with custom logo food and drink ideas.

The Cook-off Competition

The Super Bowl setting is a dynamic opportunity for top chefs to show off their talents. Just a little bit of planning and a lot of ingredients make this party game a tasty success.

  • Decide the format: Appetizers? Main courses? Desserts? Or ‘best in show’?
  • Cooking on-site? Prepare the kitchen space, including ingredients, dinnerware, etc.
  • Bring a dish? Organize the kitchen space for presentation, food type, etc.
  • Each dish gets rated on a predetermined point scale
  • Prizes for the winners

THINK INK! Check out our InkHead employee suggestions for Super Bowl food and drink recipes guaranteed to win you the cook-off competition at this year’s party.

The Super Bowl Trivia Competition

Bring the fun and mania from the bar into your home. Run a trivia game that tests partiers’ knowledge of the Super Bowl, general football, or pop culture. Then stand back and watch the event get raucous.

  • Separate the game into segments: Pregame, halftime, postgame, etc.
  • Create a PowerPoint or cue cards for the questions
  • Keep score for individuals or teams
  • Prizes for the winners

THINK INK! There are a variety of open-source trivia game programs online to help you to organize and run your game, which will save you time and give the game flow a uniquely professional feel.

The Ultimate Super Bowl Squares Pool

This is a classic Super Bowl game that can bring out the prognosticator in everyone. Easy to set up and easy to run, Super Bowl Squares is perfect for encouraging everyone to follow the game closely and cheer loudly.

  • Set up a board with 100 squares; one team on the top row and one team on the left column
  • Randomly assign the numbers 0-9 going across the top row and down the left column; this forms the basis for the final score
  • Winners are determined after each of the first three quarters and the final score
  • The last number in each teams’ score determines the winner; so if the Falcons and the Bears play with the Falcons winning 31-21, the person who owns square 1 for each team would win that segment of the game
  • Prizes for the winners

THINK INK! Use technology to modernize your Super Bowl squares game–use presentation software to project the game board on a white wall and use Twitter to update current standings.

InkHead is your Super Bowl headquarters with a variety of customized products to throw a serious football bash. From dinnerware to party favors, we can help you to create a memorable event that could become an annual tradition for your family, friends, and coworkers.

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