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4th of July Ideas for High-ROI Gifts, Favors, and Giveaways


Check out these 5 great Independence Day party ideas.

Independence Day is one of our country’s most prestigious, eagerly-awaited holidays. That said, any organization or business that is smart enough to align with the emotional and pride of the 4th of July sets itself up for brand continuity and product recognition. Here’s more from Team InkHead on how to make this Independence Day a coming-out party for your group.


4th of July Ideas for Promo Materials

So before you plan your Independence Day promotion, you probably have one important question on your mind: How can I turn my 4th of July giveaways into hard-hitting marketing items and promo materials with big ROI? Fortunately for you, InkHead Promotional Products has the answer:

  • Beach balls. Perfect for concerts and beach days
  • Tote bags. All-purpose gear that the ladies love
  • Candy. Must-have for parades and festivals
  • Key-chains. People use them all year long
  • Plastic bags. Use them for parties favors or convention gift bags


Marketing Items from Fun 4th of July Facts, Trivia, and Statistics

Need any more convincing that Independence Day is perfect for launching your next product line or announcing your organization to the world? Check out some of these fun facts about our most patriotic day of the year that you can turn into successful marketing items:

  • First celebrated on July 8, 1776 in Philadelphia–it’s been a US federal holiday since 1941
  • 30 places in the US contain “liberty” in the name–11 have “independence”–5 have “freedom”–and 1 with “patriot” (Patriot, Indiana)
  • The earliest 4th of July celebrations included cannon-firings, parades, bonfires and concerts
  • We imported over $232 million worth of fireworks in 2011, mostly from China
  • The hot dogs you eat on Independence Day most likely come from Iowa, North Carolina or Minnesota


InkHead Turns 4th of July Ideas into Smart Promo Materials

Give one of our promotions experts a call at 800.554.0127 and we’ll turn your 4th of July ideas into marketing items and promo materials–products, messaging, artwork, etc. We’ll make sure your Independence Day promotion is just as exciting as advertising a new country to the world!

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