Real Estate Marketing Products To Ignite Sales


Real Estate Marketing Products Sure to Ignite Sales
If you are a realtor, how do you spread the word about your business? Do you advertise in local newspapers, at bus stops, or on billboards? Have you ever considered marketing your real estate business with promotional products?

Customized products such as keychains and magnets make are great real estate marketing products because they serve a specific purpose aside from advertising your business. That said, not every product you buy to market your real estate business needs to have a practical purpose. Indeed, a small housewarming gift such as a candle or photo frame to new home-owners will resonate deeply, so much so that your office will be the first one they suggest to other friends thinking of moving.

Let’s take a look at some of our most popular real estate marketing products that are sure to impress customers, attract new clients, and spread the word about your business.

5 Real Estate Marketing Products Your Clients Will Love

  • Custom KeychainsCustom Keychains

    Possibly the greatest part of buying a house is when you finally get the keys. Real estate marketing products like keychains make great giveaways because they have special meaning to recipients. Who knows, the keychain you give a client could stay on his or her keychain until the next time the that person moves. Shown here is the House Tag Keyholder, a keyholder with a shiny silver finishand elegant house-shaped tag.

  • Promotional MagnetsPromotional Magnets

    There are some items that seem to evaporate into thin air over the course of a move. Magnets are one such item. Assist your customers restock their refridgerator with magnets by giving them one of your own, and the next time one of your customers has a friend who is ready to sell, he or she will have an easy-to-find recommendation.

  • Personalized Letter OpenersPersonalized Letter Openers

    Another big part of moving is getting mail to the new address. Give your clients a real estate marketing product like a letter opener to remind them to have their mail forwarded to the new address. By giving customers an item they can later use, you will keep your business on their radar long after they have settled into their new homes.

  • Personalized Yard SignsPersonalized Yard Signs

    Impress would-be buyers and sellers by ordering your own yard signs customized with a personal message, your phone number, and artwork. Use the signs to inform potential home-buyers about special open house events, offer them to current customers to place in their yards, or simply place them at busy intersections to advertise your services to passersby.

  • Custom Household ItemsCustom Household Items

    The products mentioned above all serve a practical purpose beyond marketing your real estate business, but not every item needs to serve a purpose beyond making customers feel good about their decision to buy or sell a home with your business. Any of the items mentioned below would make wonderful house-warming gifts to your new homeowners.

    • Custom Candles: Help your clients relax and unwind after the big move by giving them a brand new aromatherapy candle!
    • Personalized Photo Frames: Give your clients a picture frame that they can use to showcase a photo of their new home.
    • Promotional Decorative Items: Brighten the new home with a custom planter or votive candle display.

The Bottom Line

Realtors and real estate agents can use real estate marketing products to attract new clients, retain current customers, or just spread the word about their services.

The real estate marketing products featured in this post are subject to availability. Please call us at 800-554-0127 between 9 AM and 8 PM ET to confirm stock.

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