Say Goodbye to Michael Scott!


Goodbye, Michael Scott!

NBC sitcom the Office will lose one of its biggest stars tonight when Steve Carell, best known as manager Michael Scott, departs the series after seven seasons. We are all wondering how show producers will send off the character, whom we have grown to love over the last seven years despite some serious personal defects. As much as Michael has made us squirm by acting childish or saying something foolish, actor Steve Carell has imbued the character with such vulnerability that we can’t help but pity him—and ultimately love him.

Newspapers and blogs across the country have already initiated their send off to the character, ranging from Slate’s cerebral comparison of Michael Scott to David Brent (his counterpart from the original BBC series) to Funny or Die’s compilation of their 21 favorite Michael Scott animated GIFs.

Promotional Products Inspired by the Office

In honor of the World’s Best Boss, let’s take a look at some promotional products inspired by the Office.

Personalized Coffee MugsCustomized Coffee Mugs

Perhaps one of the most famous props from the Office is Michael’s “World’s Best Boss” mug, which is featured both in the show’s opening and has appeared in several episodes. While it’s never revealed which staffer gave Michael the mug, we have learned that Michael keeps a drawer full of them—just in case he one breaks one.

InkHead sells several Personalized Coffee Mugs that would work great if you wanted to reward your employees or boss with a gift like Michael’s famous mug.

Corporate Awards


Custom Corporate Awards

The Dundie, another bauble featured in both the show’s opening and a handful of episodes, is Michael Scott’s very own corporate award that he gives out to his employees in an annual awards show. While most companies give out corporate awards to honor employees’ objective achievements, Michael gives out Dundies on purely subjective grounds. For instance, past award categories have included “Hottest in the Office” and “Office’s Best Mom.”

InkHead may not carry a Dundie, but we have several Custom Corporate Awards that you could use to reward and motivate your staff.

Custom BBQ Grill Sets

One of my favorite episodes of the Office is the “Injury,” an episode where the office finds out that Michael has somehow burned his foot on his George Foreman grill. Michael expects sympathy from his employees, and when he doesn’t receive the outpouring of well-wishes he expected, his whining escalates until finally he accompanies Jim and Dwight to the hospital to seek expert medical attention—only to be dismissed by the hospital staff as well.

InkHead may not carry George Foreman grills, but we do offer several Promotional BBQ Grill Sets that Michael could have used instead of his foot to handle his food.

Custom Printed T-ShirtsMichael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Fun Run Pro-Am Race for the Cure

Another one of my top episodes of the Office is “Fun Run,” where after hitting supplier relations representative (and office lush) Meredith Palmer with his car, Michael tries to make things right by holding a fun run, titled “Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Fun Run Pro-Am Race for the Cure.” As part of the race, Michael has custom t-shirts created with the complete name on them.

If you’re planning a fun run for your company, then be sure to review our selection of Custom Printed T-Shirts. While we don’t recommend hosting a charity event with such an unwieldy name, we will make sure your logo looks good no matter what!

The Bottom Line

Although we say goodbye to Michael Scott tonight, the Office will continue without him. Whether it can retain its momentum after losing one of its biggest stars remains to be seen. No matter what, we will miss the character Steve Carell has played for the last seven seasons.

Do you love the Office? Tell us some about your favorite Michael moments in the comments.

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