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InkHead Q: Customized Keychains

Posted December 15, 2010  |  written by  |  Promotional Products

Q from James Bond

Welcome back to InkHead Q! For the uninitiated, Q-certified gear has two simple requirements: a) the product must do more than one thing, especially if the second thing it does is cool; and b) the product must be so useful that your clients or employees will use it over and over again, generating countless impressions for your business or brand.

Today, we will be discussing Q-certified Customized Keychains. Why keychains, you ask? Well, few things in this world are quite as useful or used as often as keychains. After all, we all have keys—usually more than we need—and thus our keychains are as indispensable to us as our wallets. So this post is about personalized keychains, but since these keychains are Q-certified, they are far too nifty to stay in a pocket or purse.

Custom Keychains from InkHead

Digital Photo KeychainIn addition to keys, we all have photos: of the kids, of the dog, of that weekend in Cabo we don’t dare post on Facebook. Sure, these days nearly everyone has a phone with picture storage, but as a keepsake for the most important photos and as a promotional item, this Digital Photo Keychain is hard to beat. With 8GB internal memory and 8MB flash memory, this unit holds up to 145 images and has a nice imprint area for your logo, which will get seen every time your end-user shows off his or her pics.

WiFi Finder KeychainLet’s say you were one of the lucky few (like me) to be chosen for the Google Chrome CR48 Netbook pilot program. With a computer that relies on Internet access via WiFi, the WiFi Finder Key Chain is essential. With a range of 200 feet and a simple light display to indicate signal strength, your end-user will find this a tool he or she wants on hand everywhere, which of course means more visibility and brand loyalty for you.

Digital Sudoku KeychainRegardless of whether your clients or employees spend most of their workday traveling or sitting behind a desk, there is always downtime. It could be waiting for a plane or a city bus or for customer service to live up to its name and pick up already, but when it happens it’s not always convenient to haul out some paperwork or a book. That’s when this Digital Sudoku Keychain will come in handy. Quick and easy access to the popular and addictive number puzzle game will give your logo sustained visibility while keeping your end-users’ minds sharp and focused.

The Bottom Line

Maybe it’s time to think beyond promotional pens and custom journals for your next promotion or giveaway and get a promotional item that your target audience will actually use. The best way to ensure that they’ll use an item is to find one that is as useful as possible, like the Q-certified keychains featured above.At InkHead Promotional Products, we have the key(chain) to your promotional needs.

As always, the products featured in this post are subject to availability, so make sure to check with our Promotions Specialists to see if we can supply you with these and all the other neat items in our Unique Personalized Keychains section.

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  1. Comment by customized keychains on December 22, 2010 at 7:18 pm

    nice one… sudoku is every where now.. hehe
    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

  2. Comment by Promotional Products on May 21, 2011 at 1:14 am

    Great listing of key chains all are good for branding a business in the market.

  3. Comment by micheal on September 1, 2011 at 3:25 am

    hey guys i found a similar website, n these people specially focus on customization i.e they can cut frames,keyc hains, pen stands etc in any shape as per our requirements n d best part is they can also attach LED LIGHT to d frame to give more of the effects, i got it 4 my wife and it is v. nice

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