2010 ASI Power Summit Wrap-Up


ASI 2010 Power SummitWhen our VP of sales and marketing Jim Franklyn returned from the 2010 ASI Power Summit last Thursday, he was even more excited than usual, and with good reason.

Not only did he get the opportunity to network with other key players in the promotional products (or Advertising Specialty) industry, listen to keynote speeches from industry-leaders and pioneers, and attend various panel sessions on a range of topics, but ASI also unveiled their Global Advertising Speciality Impressions Study (an update to their 2008 study) and the Counselor Power 50 list for 2010.

Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study

If you are unfamiliar with ASI’s Impression Study, it is an invaluable resource containing data on which promotional items are the most effective across a range of demographics, such as ethnicity, gender, and even political party affiliation. This year’s study is bigger and better than the 2008 iteration because it contains survey data from international cities such as Toronto, London, and Sydney. For a brief introduction to the study, be sure to check out the YouTube video below.

Although the study is available in full online (PDF link), we plan to glean data from the study every week or so to highlight a specific promotional product mentioned, so be sure to stay tuned to learn which promotional products you absolutely must add to your marketing budget and which ones you can pass on. Too busy to read the study? ASI also prepared some graphs and charts (PDF link) to help you digest the information more easily and quickly.

Counselor Power 50

In addition to the Impressions Study, ASI also unveiled their Counselor Power 50 list at the Power Summit last week. Although InkHead didn’t make the list, we must note that an Internet-based company is now ranked #1. When asked for comment on the list, Jim opined, “If the industry did not pause regarding the growth of Internet-based companies in years past, they will now.”

The Bottom Line

The 2010 ASI Power Summit gives key players in the Advertising Specialty industry an opportunity to meet one another, exchange ideas, and discuss the future of promotional products. Want to know more about the Power Summit? Be sure to read ASI’s full recap. Didn’t make it this year? Be sure to register for the 2011 ASI Power Summit.

Were you at the Power Summit? Share your thoughts about it with us in the comments!

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