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Confused About BPA?

Posted August 15, 2008  |  written by  |  Promotional Products

If you’ve been paying attention to media reports regarding bisphenol A (also known as BPA), you’re probably thoroughly confused about the whole thing by now. BPA is a plastic hardener often found in shatterproof bottles and is also used to seal canned food. Trace amounts of BPA can leach from products, and recent studies question the health risks that could be associated with BPA exposure. Just today, the FDA drafted a report that states these trace amounts are not dangerous to humans. Despite the FDA’s reassurances, many consumers and health groups still question the safety of products containing BPA.

In fact, we get a lot of calls and questions regarding BPA-free bottles. We do have several BPA-Free Plastic Bottles available, and aluminum bottles have become a popular alternative to the standard polycarbonate as well. So regardless of whose reports you believe, we can help you find a promotional bottle that’s a perfect fit for your event. Interested in learning more about BPA? The FDA website has several informative articles, including a statement from the FDA Commissioner.

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If you have specific questions about any of our products, we’re more than happy to help!

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