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Tradeshow Roundup: 9 Items Perfect for Trade Show Giveaways

Posted August 29, 2007  |  written by  |  Promotional Products, Promotions by Theme or Event
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If your company plans to attend a trade show anytime soon, it’s time you started thinking about which promotional items you plan to hand out to booth visitors. Keep in mind that this is the time for your business to stand out from the crowd! It’s a big misconception that slapping a logo on anything makes it a memorable giveaway, when in fact most trade show attendees wind up with a bag full of items they’ve already forgotten by the time they get home.

Consider spending a little more on products that will have a lasting impact on the recipients. You don’t even have to offer the same giveaway to every visitor; try targeting hot prospects with big-ticket items, and offer something more cost-effective to casual passers-by. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Promotional Hand Sanitizer: This is an inexpensive promotional item to offer your booth visitors. Many attendees will likely have traveled from out of town, so they’lll appreciate the compact size. And after all that tradeshow hand shaking, they’ll probably really appreciate the sanitizing properties!
  • Custom Bottle Opener Keychains: They’re so simple, and yet so many people love them! This is a great item to offer to the casual passer-by at your booth. Most people will put this on their keys over a plain imprinted key chain because it actually has a function (Personalized Flashlight Keychains are good for the same reason). The usability factor will put your logo in their line of sight frequently, which can easily turn a passer-by into a customer.
  • Promotional Games: Now let’s get into the fun stuff! People often underestimate the impact of giving something unique and fun. Small games or Custom Promtoional Toys are the sort of items that people will keep on their desks to play with while they talk on the phone or wait around for 5 o’clock. Yahoo has been known to hand out fun promo gifts at trade shows. You can pretty much guarantee that the recipients (A) won’t throw them away, and (B) will likely show them to coworkers and friends when they get back from the show.
  • Custom Messenger Bags: Messenger bags are extremely popular with young professionals, and they have a high perceived value. If you’re hoping to attract new talent to your business at a trade show, they’re a good giveaway choice. Personalized Tote Bags are more commonly used at trade show giveaways, and are also a great way to increase brand visibility.
  • Promotional MP3 Players and Custom Flash Drives: You can’t go wrong with either of these tech items. If you’re on a budget, reserve high-end promotional products for your very top prospects, or consider having a contest at your booth and offer these as prizes to the winners. You’re sure to draw plenty of traffic!

Don’t get lost in the trade show crowd with lackluster marketing gifts! With items like these, your giveaways are a lot less likely to wind up in the promotional product purgatory known as the junk drawer…or worse, the trash!

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