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Size and Other Things That Matter

Posted June 13, 2007  |  written by  |  Tips and Trends from the Experts

Size and Other Things That Matter

We received a catalog in the mail the other day with the sender’s company name in an elegant script font, complete with important-looking flourishes. Unfortunately, the font size wasn’t large enough to be read clearly at first glance, and I read their business name incorrectly.

And by “incorrectly,” I mean that I read it as a word I wouldn’t have repeated in front of my grandmother.

The moral of the story? A pretty font is lovely to behold, but only when it’s large enough to be read clearly! This is especially important when it comes to promotional merchandise. Your customers and prospects have to be able to read your imprint in order for your campaign to be successful. If your font of choice has a lot of detail best viewed in a larger size, a pencil won’t get your message across in the same way as, say, Promotional Coffee Mugs or hat. If the budget only allows for Promotional Pens or smaller items, the nice folks in our Art Department can help make sure your font style and size are appropriate to the medium.

Don’t worry. We won’t let you make a font faux pas.

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