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10 Favorite Cell Phone Accessories


10 Favorite Cell Phone Accessories

Pretty much everyone has a cell phone. Part of the fun of having a cell phone is all of the accessories that you can pair with it. Check out our 10 favorite cell phone accessories.

1.The Louvre Smart Wallet with Stand

The Louvre Smart Wallet with Stand

We love the fact that you can store your necessities on the back of your phone with this handy wallet. The standout feature that separates this wallet from others of its kind is the added stand.

2. Boompod Headpods Headphones

Boompod Headpods Headphones

Boompod Headpods Headphones

Good headphones with excellent sound quality and functionality. Adjustable headband and cushioned ear cup for soft comfortable wearing. They also come in such fun colors that you won’t want to be without them.

3. Gel Smartphone Case

Gel Smartphone Case

You can get creative with this custom case. It comes in a wide range of colors and has a large imprint area. As an added bonus, it is pretty thin and won’t add too much bulk to your phone.

4. Mini Megaphone Amplifier

Mini Megaphone Amplifier

This is a favorite of just about everyone in the office. It is just so quirky and fun. It is soft and flexible being that it is made out of silicone. It serves as a stand and sound is amplified the old fashioned way, without the use of batteries.

5. Zoom Energy Square

Zoom Energy Square

This tiny little thing only takes 6 hours to fully charge and will give an iPhone 1-1/3 charges when an iPhone’s battery is fully drained. A great gift for employees. They will never be able to use the excuse that they missed your call because their phone was dead.

6. Retro Mobile Phone Handset

Retro Mobile Phone Handset

This product may not be for everyone, but you can’t deny that it fun and original. Who wouldn’t want one of these. I am willing to bet that there are children around who have no idea why this is so funny.

7. Go Go Mobile Phone Holder/Screen Cleaner

Go Go Mobile Phone Holder/Screen Cleaner

This handy little key chain serves multiple purposes. You can use it as a holder or clean your phone with it. A great way to make sure you always have a cleaner and stand on you at all times.

8. Arm Strap for iPhone 5

Arm Strap for iPhone 5

So great for working out.  A great way to run with you phone and listen to music without having to worry about accidentally dropping your phone out of your sweaty hands.

9. Awareness Thumb Band

Awareness Thumb Band

You have probably seen theses before. They are huge with stop texting while driving campaigns. They serve as a reminder as most people text with their thumbs. They come in a variety of colors and are able to be customized with your text.

10. Beach Chair Cell Phone Holder

Beach Chair Cell Phone Holder

A cute chair for your phone. Keep your phone within reach with this cute holder.  The pattered version of this holder comes in two options pink (shown above) and patriotic, while the plain version comes in blue, red and black.


Do you have any cell phone accessories that you just can not live without? Please let us know in the comments below.






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