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Employee Recognition & Appreciation Gifts

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No matter the job - from lowly college graduates just setting out in their field to the 40-plus year company vet who's considering retirement to cleaning crew, band roadies, interns, elderly volunteers, charity workers and dedicated telecommuters - everyone loves some recognition. It's no wonder that so many offices hold award ceremonies each year, whether it's a not-for-profit, technology upstart or long established corporation. Award ceremonies are easy, fun ways to celebrate a financial year, a company's birthday or some other office event - but most importantly, they keep up morale, boost team spirit and get everyone galvanized for another year of excellent work.
While there are a host of actual awards to choose from, including great statues, trophies, paperweights and ribbons, you might want to invest in great promotional items for your treasured employees. Custom watches personalized with names and messages make for a fantastic gift, as do promotional computer bags for those toting laptops to and from work. Silkscreened with your company logo and your employees' names, these are sure to be a big hit. Even a tablet or iPad carrying would make for a great "Thank You!" Don't stop there though - there's a ton of great personalized office gifts to choose from.
InkHead has worked with businesses, organizations, and individuals across the country to provide high-quality Employee Appreciation Gifts at reasonable prices. Whether you're looking for something as simple as custom awards for the year-end award ceremony or custom golf products to reward your top-performing salesperson, we can help.
InkHead has the Employee Recognition Awards you need at prices you'll love. Call 800-554-0127 between 9 AM and 8 PM ET to speak with a promotions expert to get started.

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