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Since the invention of the printing press there have only been three great advancements in promoting your business through imprinted products: fax machines, direct mail, and InkHead.com. Bold statement, we know.

Inkhead Timeline

In 2003, three software engineers walked into a promotional products tradeshow. They had no idea there were so many products that could be imprinted with company logos—and they realized no one outside the industry had any idea either. The average business owner would never encounter all of these products, and generally only had access to promotional items via the door-to-door salesperson model. As software engineers they had the skills and vision necessary to make all of these products easy to find, easy to shop, and less expensive for customers. By creating InkHead.com, Chris D’Agnese, Bill Cline, and Jason Miller were able to bring thousands of products from hundreds of manufacturers onto one site where they can be filtered by you to find the best product for your needs. At InkHead, we use technology to make promoting businesses simple, while offering faster production times and providing a previously unavailable selection.

InkHead.com quickly became an award-winning website that is often emulated, but never duplicated. Our founders’ vision puts the power to market your business in your hands by making the world’s largest selection of promotional products easy to navigate, and that vision continues to grow. We are constantly updating our site by adding new features to make designing and purchasing your products easier. New products are added every day, to ensure we always have the largest selection in the industry. Innovation never stops at InkHead.

Over the years things change, but InkHead will always be dedicated to delivering great products. We are committed to making purchasing fast, easy, and affordable, and to helping you promote your business or event in a way that feels authentic to you.

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