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Once you've made the decision to host a race fundraising event, the date and location have been chosen, and the permit process has begun; then what? The next step is working up a budget, and here is where Inkhead can start to help. The amount you choose to charge for entrance will need to cover a variety of expenses. While we can't help with expenses like staff or port-o-johns, we can absolutely help you cut costs on personalized water, imprinted event tents, custom t-shirts, and signage.
Determining budget and setting entrance fee can be the trickiest part of planning a race event. If you want to raise money for a cause you will need to take in more money than you spend. On the surface it seems like choosing the least expensive incentives would help you turn the most profit, the least expensive t-shirt or custom water bottle would leave more margin for your cause. The opposite, however, may actually be true. Many of us in this very office have paid higher entrance fees for races just to get better swag. A $65 entrance fee to get an embroidered sweatshirt for a winter race, over 11,000 people thought that was perfectly reasonable. We can help you choose incentives with low cost, but high perceived value to get you the most from your budget. Inkhead can also help you find custom products that will fit your theme or charity recipient.
When you are ready to get the word out about your race, we can help with banners, yard signs and postcards. Wandering around our office you will see many cubicles decked out with race bibs from 5Ks, 10Ks, Obstacle Runs, and triathlons. We love to participate and we would love to be part of helping you plan your event. InkHead has the promotional items you need at prices you'll love. Call 800-554-0127 between 9 AM and 8 PM ET to speak with a promotions expert to get started ordering.

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