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4th of July Promotional Products | 4th of July Promotional Items

The 4th of July, a Celebration of Freedom and Independence

Today we commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The day a rebellion cast off the shackles of oppression to become it's own country. The United States is still a relatively young country, but we have accomplished much in the last 200+ years. Whether you attend a fireworks display, cheer on a parade, or invite friends and family over for hot dogs and apple pie, remember to rejoice in the hard-won freedom.

Host an Independence Day Free-for-All!

If you are organizing a 4th of July event or fundraiser in your community Inkhead can help. From plates and cups for barbeque fundraisers, to hand fans that keep your guest cool while providing them a program of events, we have you covered. Inkhead has everything you need to make your event memorable and successful. We also have a wide selection of products to assist with block parties or parades.

Most people will celebrate Independence Day outside enjoying the summer sun. Remember though, summer has only just begun. With some thoughtful product choices you have almost two more months to keep your message on peoples minds. Some examples include:

- T-Shirts
- Hand Fans
- Coolers

By combining your message with useful everyday objects you can help make your event last all summer for years to come. The more your target audience like the item, the more others will see your message.

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