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It's implicit in the name - running a non-profit organization means you will always be fighting an uphill battle. Whatever your cause or charity might be, spreading the word can be a challenge on limited funds. Your budget needs to be spent as economically and effectively as possible, which is why you may want to consider using promotional items to reward donors, thank volunteers and rapidly build awareness for your organization.
Certain promotional products will garner attention more quickly than others. Personalized pens are great at this, but if you're giving out thank you gifts and rewards, you'll want to look to items a little bigger in scale. Custom T-shirts printed with your organization's logo on the front could make a great option - as would promotional sweatshirts or personalized water bottles, which your volunteers and donors can take to the gym.
One of the most popular items in recent years is the promotional tote bag. Ideal for the green grocery shopper, these eco-friendly bag are silkscreened with your organization's logo, which is sure to grab you attention at the grocery store!
InkHead loves helping non-profit organizations! With thousands of economical, budget-friendly items to choose from, we have the items you need to recruit volunteers, thank donors, and spread your hopeful message. Use an item such as a custom t-shirt or promotional cap to commemorate your next fundraising event. Think about using giveaways such as a custom awareness bracelet to generate revenue for your charity or NPO in between fundraising events. We also have several eco-friendly promotional items for environmentally-minded NPOs.
Call 800-554-0127 between 9 AM and 8 PM ET Monday through Friday to speak with a promotions expert about promotional products for your non-profit organization! Interested in a sponsorship from InkHead? Contact us and tell us how we can help. Use these items to reward donors,
thank volunteers, and build awareness
for your cause.

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