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What are the differences between waist and bib aprons?

Posted October 19, 2012

InkHead carries both waist and bib aprons, and while both styles offer protections to one’s clothing, there are situations where one is more appropriate than the other. Read below to learn more about waist and bib aprons.

Waist Aprons

Waist aprons are the shorter of the two types, covering only one’s legs and lap. Such aprons would be good for a restaurant waitstaff or for employees of construction and carpentry firms. Because waist aprons only cover half of the body, they do not generally affect one’s mobility.

Bib Aprons

While waist aprons only cover one-half of the wearer’s body, bib aprons wrap around the wearer’s neck or shoulders to cover his or her chest as well. The main trade-off with bib aprons is that some people may experience limited mobility wearing them, depending on how the upper portion of the apron is held up. Bib aprons are useful for kitchen and cooking staffs that need to protect their upper-bodies from stains and splatters.

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