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What is puff imprinting?

Posted September 28, 2010

Puff imprinting is a method of printing in which graphics are screenprinted onto a surface with special heat-reactive puff inks that rise and create a raised surface. This method is primarily used to imprint koozies (foam insulators for drink cans).

The reactive chemicals in puff inks cause the ink not only to “puff” but also sometimes to lighten in color, so it is a good idea to request a sample of an item that has been puff-imprinted to get an idea of the true finished ink color before ordering. Also, the “puff” may obscure small copy, so the method is advised for large text and graphics without too many¬†fine details. Finally, the time involved in the process means that 2-day service will not be available on puff-imprinted items.

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