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Posted February 7, 2013

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Why Buy Promotional Koozies

If you’re looking for a promotional item that reflects your company’s attitude toward fun, then buying custom koozies may the smart choice for you. Planning an outdoor event? Koozies would be a perfect giveaway, allowing recipients to keep their drinks insulated at the event and afterward. Koozies are also one of the most popular wedding favors we sell.

What makes koozies such a great giveaway is their low cost and potential for repeat use. Chances are that you have a couple of can coolers tucked away in the pantry or the closet just in case you have friends over for the game, a party, or attend a tailgate event.

Where to Use Koozies

Although koozies are one of the most versatile promotional items you can buy, there are some places where they are not appropriate, such as most church functions and children’s events. Read below to see some of the most popular places people use koozies.

  • Weddings: Koozies are one of the most popular custom wedding favors InkHead sells.
  • Reunions: Because they’re inexpensive and can be made quickly, koozies are popular class reunion favors and family reunion giveaways.
  • Outdoor events: Sponsoring a festival, concert, or local fun-run? Make sure attendees have a way to keep their drinks cold!
  • Giveaways: Reward new customers for signing up with a little giveaway item like a koozie. Who knows? One of their friends could be your next client.
  • Tailgating events: Ready fans for the big game with personalized koozies and other tailgating gifts.
  • College campuses: College students are one of the biggest users of can coolers. Whether you’re appearing at a job fair, hosting a symposium, or running a student organization, you can’t go wrong with koozies.
  • Company picnics: Get koozies when hosting a company picnic to ensure employees’ drinks will stay cold on even the hottest summer days.

Who Can Use Koozies

Because promotional koozies are so useful, they are among the most diverse promotional items your money can buy. Let’s take a look at some of the most common buyers of koozies and can coolers.

  • Companies: Provide koozies to your employees at the next company picnic to serve as a memento of the occasion.
  • Brides and Wedding Planners: With their small size and high reuse rates, koozies make excellent  wedding favors. Stuck trying to think of a clever saying or sentimental quote? Take a look at our 50 favorite wedding koozie quotes.
  • Apartment Complexes: Sometimes, a little gift can go a long way. Hand koozies out to new residents, and who knows? One of their friends could become your next resident.
  • Fraternities and Sororities: A cornerstone of practically every frat party, can coolers are one of the most popular Greek gifts we carry.
  • HR Departments: Participating in a campus job fair this quarter or next? Stoke interest in your company with a handy giveaway that will be used long after the job fair has ended.
  • Booster Clubs: While some schools and parent associations may balk at can coolers for a booster gift, koozies are stalwarts of any good tailgate event.
  • Non-Profit Organizations: Looking for a low-cost, entry-level donation gift? When it comes to nonprofit promotional products, koozies are hard to beat!
  • Bars and Restaurants: Give them a little something as they leave, and they’re more likely to come back.
  • Bands: Looking for a low-cost piece of custom band merch your fans will love? Koozies are easy to carry, light-weight, and you don’t have to worry about carrying different sizes!
  • Souvenirs and Gift Shops: Thanks to their utility and low cost, koozies are great items for any souvenir shop!

Things to Consider When Buying Custom Koozies

At Team InkHead, we’re proud of our selection of koozies. Here are some key aspects of our can coolers that you should keep in mind as you shop.

  • Type: Most of the can coolers in the InkHead catalog are designed to insulate a standard 12 oz can, but we also carry some coolers designed for bottles. The standard can cooler can be used for both alcoholic and
  • Material: Chance are you’re most familiar with custom foam koozies, but we also carry promotional neoprene can coolers. Neoprene, the same material as wetsuits, can insulate drinks just as effectively and are not as bulky.
  • Brand: We carry officially licensed Koozie and Built can coolers.
  • Production Time: Most koozies can be made within 3-5 business days. If you’re in a time crunch, start your search by looking at our free 24 hr production koozies.
  • Country of Manufacture: Concerned about ordering items made overseas? InkHead has several made in the USA koozies to choose from, too.
  • Quantity: Minimum quantities for koozies range from 6 pieces for high-end Built gifts to 300 pieces for the budget-friendliest options. Because minimum quantity varies by product, be sure to consult the item description to determine the exact minimum quantity required.

Ready to order custom koozies? Have a question not answered here? Please contact us. We can take your order over the phone or answer any questions you may have.

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