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Get insights from InkHead into our products and the promotional products industry.

Accessories We Can’t Live Without

To accessorize or not to accessorize? For many of us, when it comes to accessorizing smartphones and tablets, the answer to this question is a resounding yes.

What to Look for in Battery Chargers

When evaluating custom battery chargers, power adapters, and charging stations it’s helpful to be familiar with “battery speak.” Here are a few things to know before powering up.

Creative Ways To Deal With Office Stress

We certainly have our fair share of stress here in the InkHead office, but I like to think that we deal with it differently than most other companies. Feel free to implement any of these tactics into your office environment.

Left Over Easter Egg Recipes

The Easter Egg hunt is done and you’re left with all of those dyed, hard-boiled eggs. What do you do with them now? Eat them! According to Yahoo, here are the three most popular egg recipes.

Double Chocolate Coca Cola Cake

Another birthday cake. Warm chocolate cake topped with rich chocolate icing is a decadent combination.

How To Reuse Reusable Bags

So you’re on board with the reusable shopping bags and those things just tend to multiply. Now you have so many that they are just a tad unmanageable. Here is how to get rid of a few in a creative manner.

Happy Birthday Strawberry Shortcake

We celebrate every employee’s birthday, including our CEO’s. He requested strawberry shortcake, check out this recipe for your very own desert.

What Type Of Promotional Product Are You?

Ever wonder what kind of promotional product you are deep down inside? Of course you haven’t, but now that you’re thinking about it aren’t you a bit curious?

Gourmet Dog Biscuits – National Puppy Day

Show your puppy some love with these homemade gourmet biscuits.

Can The Right Polo Improve Your Golf Game?

Become an informed shopper when looking for golf polos.