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Overcoming Adversity: Making a Difference with Limited Resources

You have to get your name out there to run a successful business, but how can you promote your brand on a tight or nonexistent budget? Let’s take a look at some options that offer more bang for limited marketing bucks.

Custom Apparel Imprint Methods

There are lots of ways to decorate your custom printed apparel. The industry has come a long way from just your standard plain-jane printing processes. Nowadays, you can print just about anything in any number of colors and styles using a variety of new methods and technologies for a look that best fits your brand.

10 Favorite Cell Phone Accessories

Pretty much everyone has a cell phone. Part of the fun of having a cell phone is all of the accessories that you can pair with it. Check out our 10 favorite cell phone accessories.

Cell Phone Etiquette – Stop Doing These 13 Things Now

Have you ever witnessed someone with poor cell phone etiquette? We have put together a list of violations of cell phone etiquette. If you do these things STOP NOW!

Top 6 Favorite T Shirts

It is no secret that we sell hundreds of T shirts here at InkHead. We hope by telling you what our personal favorite shirts are you will be able to make a better decision before purchasing.

Ringspun, Tri-Blend, Organic, OH MY?!? T-Shirt Fabrics and what it all means

Here at InkHead we pride ourselves on offering a large variety of T shirt brands and styles, in many different types of fabric. It is helpful to know a bit about the materials before buying.

Why Buy “Made In USA”?

“Made in USA” is a protected statement reserved for products that comply with strict U.S. federal manufacturing guidelines.

Accessories We Can’t Live Without

To accessorize or not to accessorize? For many of us, when it comes to accessorizing smartphones and tablets, the answer to this question is a resounding yes.

What to Look for in Battery Chargers

When evaluating custom battery chargers, power adapters, and charging stations it’s helpful to be familiar with “battery speak.” Here are a few things to know before powering up.

How To Reuse Reusable Bags

So you’re on board with the reusable shopping bags and those things just tend to multiply. Now you have so many that they are just a tad unmanageable. Here is how to get rid of a few in a creative manner.

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