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Why Fridays separate the ‘best from the rest’

Posted November 22, 2013  |  written by  |  The Executive Corner

If you’re not using every day of the week to grow your business–especially Friday–you’re potentially leaving big money and market placement on the table. We’ve turned our last day of the week from our weakest to our strongest in terms of revenue. And we’re ready to show you why and how.

Independent contractors absolutely must dominate Friday

If you’re like over 90% of sales professionals selling promotional products, you’re an independent contractor. Which means you’re empowered to make your own hours–and Friday is a golden opportunity for you to do some serious business. Why?

  • No one else is working. Because the majority of sales people are in weekend mode Fridays after lunch
  • Those who are working are winding down. They’re brainstorming for next week, leaving them open to your solutions

Customers can’t get in touch with their sales pro

We did some research with end-users that buy promotional products and found out one of their biggest complaints was the inability to get in touch with their sales person on Friday afternoon. Following close behind on the customer complaint list was not receiving returned phone calls or emails on the same day they were sent.

Making the extra effort at the very end of the week shows your customers that your commitment is there when they need it. You’ll immediately put yourself ahead of a good percentage of the competition.

How you can ‘own’ Fridays like InkHead

Jim Franklyn, our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, explains it this way: “As competitive as the marketplace is today, ‘Money Loves Speed’. All of our personnel are cross-trained to return phone calls and all forms of written correspondence same day, no exceptions.”

We used this data to implement our new strategy–and the results are tough to argue with. Up until 2008, Friday was our worst revenue day of the week.  In 2009 and going forward, Friday has been our #1 revenue-producing day. Our clients expect us to be there whenever they have a concern or an idea.


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