50 of Our Favorite Breast Cancer Awareness Slogans

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Trying to think of a clever slogan for your breast cancer awareness products? Take a look at this list to get inspired!

Are you stuck trying to decide which saying you want to include on your breast cancer awareness merchandise? Do you want a humorous saying, something serious, or something in between? While it will depend on your audience, chances are you will find something that fits your vision in this list below.

50 Slogans for Breast Cancer Awareness Products

    1. I Stare Because I Care
    2. Busting Our Buns For Boobs

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    3. Boobs: They Need Your Support!
    4. Real Men Wear Pink..for the Cure
    5. Tell Breast Cancer To Step Aside
    6. Turn Up the Pink
    7. Save Second Base
    8. Early Detection Saves Lives
    9. I’m Here For the Boobies
    10. Save the Boobies
    11. Breast Cancer Sucks
    12. Boobs, Sweat And Tears
    13. Think Pink
    14. Pink Power
    15. Positively Pink
    16. The Breast Is Yet To Come
    17. These Boobs Were Made For Walkin’
    18. Cancer Is A Word, Not A Sentence
    19. Not Just Surviving, Thriving
    20. Thanks For the Mammories
    21. Fasten Your Pink Ribbon

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    22. Shouting Out Pink!
    23. In the Pink
    24. Get Your Pink On
    25. Cancer Can Kiss My Ass
    26. Breast Cancer Is Crusin’ For A Bruisin
    27. Feel For Lumps. Save Your Bumps.
    28. I Hope, I Fight, I Will Win
    29. Remission Rocks
    30. Got Pink?
    31. Save A Life, Grope Your Wife.
    32. Don’t Let Breast Cancer Steal Second Base
    33. I Am A Breast Man
    34. Save the Hooters
    35. Screw Cancer
    36. I Pink I Can!
    37. Fight the Fight, Find the Cure.
    38. I <3 Boobies


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    39. Fight Like A Girl
    40. Boobies Make Me Smile.
    41. Cancer Survivors Are Sexy
    42. For Guys, Every Month Is Breast Awareness Month.
    43. Together We Can Make A Difference
    44. Breast Power
    45. Put Your Breast Foot Forward
    46. Breast In Show
    47. Hope, Strength, Love
    48. Fight Strong
    49. Never Give Up Hope
    50. Big Or Small, Let’s Save Them All

Do you have a favorite breast cancer awareness slogan? Share it with us in the comments below!

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