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Unwrapping a Smile

Posted December 28, 2010  |  written by  |  About InkHead.com

Welcome back from the Christmas break, everyone! I hope you all had a restful break from work, a pleasant time with your families, and that you received everything that you had requested from your friends and relatives. When I last wrote, I had posted some of the handiwork of some of the people around the InkHead Promotional Products offices, closing with a series of photos of web sales associate Eric’s gift-wrapped cubicle. As promised, here’s how Eric reacted when he got back to work.

Eric First Enters His Cube

Just after tearing open the door, Eric surveys our hard work.

Eric Examines a Wrapped Article

Eric examines one of the many sundry items that we gift-wrapped in his absence.

Eric Checks His Chair

Yep, even the chair.

Eric & Kirk Cameron

Eric chuckles at the coup de grâce, an oversized picture of Kirk Cameron.

Ever pull a prank on an out-of-town coworker? Tell me about it in the comments!

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