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Diswasher- and Microwave-Safe Promotional Products

Posted November 8, 2010  |  written by  |  About InkHead.com
Dishwasher-Safe Promotional Products

That purple cup is doomed. DOOMED, I say!

How many times have you inadvertently ruined one of your favorite pieces of dishware by running it through the dishwasher or putting it in the microwave by accident? We here at InkHead want to help keep this from happening, InkHead's New Durability Filterso we recently added a new product filter to our web catalog to help you find Custom Drinkware that is dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

You can locate such products by using the new Durability filter, which can be found on the left-hand sidebar of the product catalog under the Narrow Results heading.

Check out the screen shot below to see exactly what it looks like and where you can find it on the left-hand sidebar.

As you can see, you can now narrow your product search in a number of new ways. We hope this helps you when making your next custom promotional product purchase.

Have an idea for another product filter? Tell us about it.

Looking to order some dishwasher- or microwave-safe promotional products? Contact one of our product specialists today.

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