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Free Ground Shipping for Halloween!

Posted October 18, 2010  |  written by  |  About InkHead.com

Halloween Special

Some light Halloween reading from InkHead Promotional Products:

“Let me tell you that so you will know what we four know already, for I have tell them. He, our enemy, have gone away. He have gone back to his Castle in Transylvania. I know it so well, as if a great hand of fire wrote it on the wall. He have prepare for this in some way, and that last earth box was ready to ship somewheres. For this he took the money. For this he hurry at the last, lest we catch him before the sun go down.” — Abraham Van Helsing (Dracula by Bram Stoker, chapter 24).

Transporting evil vampires in their coffins filled with Transylvanian dirt is not what we mean by free ground shipping. What we do mean is that between now and 11:59PM on October 31st we are offering free UPS Ground shipping on all orders totaling $500 or more. No authorization code needed – just purchase 500 bucks worth of promotional items in a single order and we’ll cover the cost of trucking it to you. Expedited shipping such as Next Day or 2nd Day Air is not part of the offer, nor are FedEx or USPS, but you’ve got to admit that picking up the tab on UPS Ground is pretty sweet.

Just our way of spreading a little joy at one of our favorite times of the year. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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