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Mascot Wars!

Posted September 23, 2010  |  written by  |  Promotions by Industry, Tips and Trends from the Experts

From the InkHead Promotional Products Sports Desk:

Down here in Georgia, we know a thing or two about rivalries in college football. If all the other schools that have come to be known as The University of Georgia Bulldogs’ “arch-rivals” over the years really were our enemies, our sleepy town of Athens would resemble Gotham City. But as seriously as Georgia’s fans may take their long-standing grudges with Florida, Auburn, Tennessee, Clemson, South Carolina, and Georgia Tech, we haven’t seen anything quite like what what happened at the recent Ohio-Ohio State game (see the video below).

It seems that Rufus, Ohio University’s bobcat mascot, took the intrastate rivalry a step too far during pregame introductions and slugged Brutus Buckeye, Ohio State’s “anthropomorphic buckeye nut” (for everyone who’s ever wondered what a buckeye is, it’s a nut). Brutus, being a peaceful nut, attempted to walk away, but bobcats are not known for their “live and let live” attitude, and Rufus tackled Brutus, resulting in a mascot-on-mascot smackdown (see the video below).

At InkHead we deplore such mindless displays of senseless violence (see the video below) and feel that there are much better, more sportsmanlike ways for a school to show its spirit, as our wide selection of Promotional School Spirit Items will attest. Come take a look at what we have to offer, and let’s stop the madness.

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