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Give Something Back

Posted April 18, 2008  |  written by  |  Promotions by Industry

Each year, millions of Americans donate time, money, or goods and services to charitable organizations. But did you ever consider donating Promotional Products? In order for any charitable group to be successful, they must first spread the word about their cause. Promotional products are the easiest, most effective way to get a message out! By donating the tools a group needs to attract attention and further donations, you give a gift that continues to support the cause in the months and years to come.

InkHead routinely donates promotional items not only to charity groups, but also to community organizations and schools. We donated $18,000 in products and equipment to Goodwill Industries in 2007; Goodwill resells the items in their stores to support their mission of providing education and career services to those who face economic hardship or are physically or mentally disabled. We also sent items to Operation Gratitude, a group that sends care packages to US troops serving overseas.

Charitable donations don’t just benefit the group you donate to. Giving feels good! So whether you opt for Custom Personalized Pens, Customized Promotional Lanyards, Custom Water Bottles, or Imprinted Bumper  Stickers, don’t forget to order promotional items to support your favorite cause!

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