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Expand Your Mind. . .with Promotional Balloons!

Posted August 8, 2007  |  written by  |  Promotional Products
Custom Balloons

You gotta use your lungs to use this brain.

This is a pretty cool promotional item for The Economist. Most folks would probably expect a stodgy giveaway from an economics and politics magazine, but these Customized  Balloons shows the lighter side of the publication while indicating the results of becoming a reader. Or maybe they’re trying to say that they’re full of hot air. Either way, it’s an effective advertisement!

A fresh marketing campaign like this is also a great way for The Economist to reach out to young up-and-comers in the business world. Today’s lesson? Promotional products don’t have to be bland to get the point across, and it might even be a good idea to take yourself a little less seriously. Consider who you want to reach and what message you want to convey to that group, and see what sort of fun advertising products you can come up with to help you reach those goals!

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