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If Only It Worked. . .

Posted August 7, 2007  |  written by  |  Tips and Trends from the Experts

Promotional Mouse Pad

No starch required!

What a great concept for a Promotional Mouse Pad!

A laundry/dry cleaning company used these to promote their ironing services. Custom computer accessories are an effective advertising product for nearly any business. Think about how much time per day you spend on the computer at work and/or at home.

Chances are that your customers have similar habits, so Custom Computer Accessories featuring your logo are sure to be used and seen daily. When your message is presented in a highly visible and unique way, you have a greater chance that your business will stay top-of-mind with your customers and prospects.

Another point to consider: imprinted mouse pads are flat and lightweight, so they’re perfect for direct mail advertising!

Now, if someone could get to work on inventing a mouse that really does iron clothing…

Via Ads of the World

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