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Personalized Auto Sun Shades

Everyone loves summer - it's beach weather, after all - but there are a few things we can all agree aren't all that fun about the hottest season. Sunburns and humidity are high on that list, but number one will always be the gross and stuffy feeling of getting into a car overheated from sitting in the hot summer sun too long. It's no wonder that auto sun shades are such a huge seller! In the auto world, if you want to avoid the fiery sting of a hot seatbelt buckle, you've got to take precautions against it. And if you can perhaps build a little brand recognition for your company in the course of keeping your parked car cool, so much the better!
Custom car shades aren't all that different from placing a giant advertisement in your front windshield. With the right design and stylish look, this can be an effective marketing strategy - no matter your business. Consider handing out a batch of these promotional automotive products to your staff and co-workers. They'll get to rep their company and all the attention is sure to build office morale. But don't limit yourself to just office employees when spreading your brand. Custom auto sun shades make a great giveaway item for various sponsored events. Happen to be hosting a charity auction? Throw a few sun shades in alongside custom sunglasses. Or if you're sponsoring a local sporting event, these items make for great prizes alongside trophies!
If you're headed to a trade show sometimes this summer, consider including promotional auto sun shades as part of your press kit. Not only are they a fantastic seasonal option, but they'll show how serious you are about establishing your brand and being a competitor in your industry.
As for when the weather shifts and the seasons turn chilly again. Don't fall behind, but keep at it with some other clever automotive products imprinted with your company logo, name or slogan. Promotional ice scrapers are sure to be exactly what your clients and co-workers need come December!
If you need assistance at any point during the shopping, customizing, or ordering process, do not hesitate to call us toll-free at 800-554-0127 between 9 AM and 8 PM ET Monday through Friday.
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